What’s Included

Retreat 2016

Our Weekend Retreat includes:

Living with a Guru / Professional Trainer $50/hr = 10  $50  $500
Morning and evening walks on the beach (some high intensity for calorie burning, some strolls for the soul)
Two workouts per day (One core/combined cardio workout/one yoga/ Pilates workout/heated outdoor pool workouts)
Self Defense
Outdoor workouts you can do on your own
PhillyFIT Retreat 2015
Living With a Private Chef
Welcome Reception  $40
Complimentary cocktail  $10
Breakfast  $15
Lunch  $25
Chef Tasting Menu and Wine Pairing  $80
Snack Station  $20
Breakfast  $15
Lunch  $25
 Gourmet Celebration  $95
Snack Station  $20
Breakfast  $15
Lunch  $25
 $385  $385
Living with a Life Coach and Therapist 10  $50  $500
One luxurious holistic healing modality (Shiatsu/Reiki/Massage/Facials/skin care)
How to get Back on your Fitness Game
Where to Find the Time to FIT in Fitness in Your life
Walking/Running Workshops
Podiatry/finding the right “FIT” for your feet/shoes to workout
Living with Beauty & Cosmetic Enhancement Professionals 3  $75  $225
Skin care
Plastic surgery review
Living with a Nutritionist 3  $100  $300
Meal Planning/It’s time to really learn how to eat to lose weight, and not feel hungry.
Educational Workshops such as: Healthy Cooking (Organic Healthy Meals for the Family, Sugar Free Baking for the Family, Smoothies for Daily Meals, etc.)
Resting in A Luxurious Beachfront Resort
(based on Double Occupancy)
3  $255  $765
One- and Two-Bed Occupancy’s (This event is ideal for couples/friends/groups/ or singles! Suitable space for everyone!)
Private balcony for peaceful water views, great for meditation and relaxation
Kitchen with Healthy snacks and K-cup, fridge, stove/oven! Full bar accessories too!
Value of the elements of the Retreat      $2,675

Per Person


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Saturday, June 7th 4-8pm 20 Different 8-Minute Workouts and the participants decide Who Teaches Philly’s Hottest Workout!

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Letters to the Publisher

 Renee Girifalco
Renee Girifalco

"Hi Jami, I love the magazine as is, you all do a great job! My vote is don’t change a thing! (In reply to your email blast polling what “changes and ideas” readers have for your magazine)."

 Josh Zelkovitz
Josh Zelkovitz

"Hi PhillyFIT! First off, you guys do a great job with PhillyFIT. It's always inspiring to read the stories and articles of those who have chosen the true path to health and wellness!"

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